Snow bunny 2

Mmm... tasty bush.

Jackrabbit in winter coat on Crestview Road near River Park, Calgary.

I saw another jackrabbit today! It slowly hopped away from me down the street, then stopped. So I stopped too. I wondered what would happen if I just stood still and looked at the rabbit. It actually looked at me and hopped a bit closer, and a bit closer, until it was about 3 metres away. It looked at me for a while, then hopped away a few metres to eat something on someone’s driveway. Then I reached in my pocket for my iPhone and it darted down the street. Scary iPhone. My bare hands were bloody cold holding my iPhone but I decided to follow the bunny anyway. It was in someone’s yard nibbling on a bush. I tried to approach ninja style, but my intentions were thwarted by the inexorable crunching of the thin compacted layer of cold-cold snow. I crunched slowly forward until I was close enough to get a somewhat clear picture of the rabbit.