Snow bunny


Jackrabbit in winter coat. Wood’s Park, Calgary (on Elbow River near 30th ave SW).

November 10th.  First seriously cold day in Calgary this winter (below -10°C). It snowed the day before, and it was seriously cold that night, but it was “only” -7°C during the day. It is actually warmer in Whitehorse this week but there are other places in Canada that are a bit colder like Iqaluit and Resolute Bay. I don’t have a “serious” winter coat, so I put a few wool layers under my not so serious coat, my sweater hood over my tuque and a big, warm scarf around my neck, and I set out for Wood’s Park (about a 30 minute walk). I did have to put my scarf over my face a few times. Luckily there wasn’t much wind and I got to see a white jackrabbit. The ear tips of white-tailed rabbits stay conspicuously black in the winter, although the rest of their fur turns white.

Another picture, rabbit ears down.


It’s been a few years since I’ve had pink, frost-chilled cheeks.