Mr and Mrs red-winged blackbirds and a song sparrow

A group of lady red-winged blackbirds were eating in the grass in the company of a single song sparrow. Every once in a while, a male red-winged blackbird would fly into the midst of the ladies. A few tweets and feather-flutters from the male and the ladies would disperse. The male would peck the ground for a bit, then fly back into the trees.

It was interesting to see the song sparrow next to the lady red-wings. The sparrow was a bit smaller and a slightly different shape. The markings were similar, but in good light, the difference in the tones is pretty obvious.


Song sparrow.

Lady red-winged blackbird.


    • Some bird species have so many different plumage colours. The young ones, the females, the breeding and non-breeding males! It is a lot to remember :-). At least their shapes are usually similar. The female red-winged blackbird is a bit smaller than the male, though the perspective in the photograph makes them look the same size.

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