Another clutch of ducklings


While I was photographing yellow flag irises at the Lost Lagoon, a clutch of Mallard ducklings and their mother swam by. They were moving along much faster than the ones I saw at Trout Lake. Once in a while, one of the ducklings would beat its partially developed wings and run over the surface of the water. Very cute! And one duckling would usually lag behind. I counted 11 ducklings. In the picture above, Mama Mallard is waiting for the slow poke.


The slow poke.


Ducklings charge over a log.


Last two up and over.


I think he was checking me out.


The ducklings were smaller than the ones I saw last week.



    • :-D. I saw 4 clutches of goslings, of varying sizes, at Granville Island yesterday. They were pecking at the ground with a few adults in a grassy field of uber-cuteness. The joys of spring!

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        • Interesting. What kind of breed did you have? I looked up domestic geese since I didn’t know anything about them. They have very different shapes from wild geese, which explains why they can’t fly (I was curious about this).

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          • Oh, our geese flew quite well…too well! LOL! We inherited a pair of Emden geese from friends of ours. Because they didn’t grow up on our property, they kept trying to wander off…both by walking and flying. We finally Freecycled them because they were more trouble than they were worth (unlike chickens, they only laid eggs once a year; we let them try and hatch out the eggs, but they were not good at it and all the eggs became rotten and putrid).

            Next time we have geese, we will get them as babies and hopefully, they will bond with the property and not wander as far. 🙂

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            • Oo, they have very stately necks. Do they fly to nearby places sometimes and come back? Do you have a pond? Do you keep a few for breeding, and eat or sell the rest?

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              • They kept going down to the creek by the road because we don’t have a pond on our property (we had a large tub but I guess they wanted more). We didn’t keep any of them. We butchered one for eating because our friends thought they were giving us 2 females and 1 male but turned out to be 2 males and 1 female, so we took out one of the males. It was too old and tough though. If there is a next time for geese, we’ll start with goslings and eat them young. 🙂

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                • Interesting adopted geese story :-). Yes, I’ve read they are more tender and tastier to most palates when they have just reached peak growth or a little before. I don’t think I’ve ever had goose meat though. I’ve had duck a few times and enjoyed it. Better luck next time!


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