Draw a bird day – July reprise


I came across a photograph of a Green Heron on Dina’s City Wildlife. The lovely, scalloped pattern on its wing caught my eye, so I tried to draw it. The background is a bit odd – one of these days I’ll work on a nicer coloured pencil rendition of water.


    • Thanks Laura :-). I almost gave up after colouring the top of the head. But then I took a little break and decided to play with another little section of the bird. There is a lot to explore in drawing birds: the bird, the colour pencils (or another medium), the effect of light sources and projection on a 2 dimensional plane, and my attitude. I finally picked up a book you recommended: The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds. It is wonderful – his drawings, his insights into drawing technique and bird structure, and his attitude.

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      • You’re a natural, gifted artist, in my humble opinion. Seriously, if the only thing Draw a Bird Day accomplished is to get you drawing again, it was a raging success.

        I’m really glad you picked up that book. If you’re interested in studying birds, you can’t go wrong. But honestly…..your work here is stunning! I really do hope you keep art in your life! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

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      • PS: The thoughts you expressed about birds is how I now feel about every subject imaginable. A regular art practice has colored my life in the most beautiful and unexpected way. And not til I was over 45?! It’s such a continual surprise. Each glance at any person, scene, object, animal, etc. brings to mind a possible new subject. It’s like life started again, brand new! And you’re right: just focusing on birds alone could take more than a lifetime! Looking forward to August 8, to see more of your work!

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        • Thanks for the encouragement Laura :-). I really appreciate the enthusiasm you put into learning something new and sharing that journey. Your posts are always uplifting and inspiring. I’ve been reading about the structure of bird wings in the Laws book. I may have found bird anatomy a bit dry if I wasn’t interested in drawing birds. But now I’m super excited about primary and secondary feathers, the alula and a bird’s wrist. Bird’s have wrists! It is sooo cool! And now I know how a wing folds.

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    • Thanks Dina :-). I’m glad you like it. I find your photograph very beautiful – the bird looks stunning. I wanted to draw him whole but I’m very slow at colouring so I decided to focus on the top half. Maybe some day I’ll draw the whole bird. Those feet!


    • :-). I’m having fun looking at creatures and objects more closely, noticing the play of light and shadow, and details that I missed before. I’ve also been looking more closely at other people’s paintings and drawings. How do they create the illusion of things with lines, swishes and smears on paper?

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