An owl in the backyard


Exactly one week after I saw my first Great Horned Owl in the Weaselhead Flats, another Great Horned Owl appeared in my backyard. As I was preparing dinner and the evening light was just starting to fade, I looked out the window and saw a large, tree-bark coloured, barrel-shaped bird casually perched on an exposed tree branch. Cool! J and I headed outside and J made gentle hooting sounds to coax the owl to turn its head. When its eyes appeared, I took some photos. It stayed for about two hours. In the fading light, I saw the vague brown silhouette of the owl preening. It mostly stayed still, though 3 and then 5 magpies settled in the tree and squawked at it occasionally.


    • :-D. I like that it is looking right at me while it has its back to me. Wish I could swivel my head like that when I ride my bike.

      I’ve always lived in a city with a lot of pavement and just accepted it. Today, I thought it was kind of strange. All this pavement has had quite an impact on how often humans see animals and what animals they see.

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