An inked selfie for #SelfieArt Day and #Inktober!


I thought I looked a bit lonely in my self-photographs so I decided to use a double-selfie my sister took of her and I at the Bloedel Conservatory earlier this year. It was our first time there and the orchestral bird song and colourful exotic birds kept us in “smile-mode” for about 3 hours. My sister and I sort of look like that. Sort of… I think we look a little less like killer clowns in person. It was an interesting pen exercise. I may pick up a graphic novel or two to learn some pen drawing techniques.

#SelfieArt Day is the brain child of Teresa (One Good Thing) and Kirk (Dumb Sketch Daily). It happens once a month on the 25th! Teresa posts links to the participants a few days later.


  1. You’re amazing and! I’ve only tried pen/ink a few times while in a class. Mine didn’t come nearly as great as this. You and your sister have a treasure here. Print it for both of you and frame it! Wow!

    You’re younger than I thought you were. Perhaps you’re an old soul.

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    • Thanks Deborah :-)! I definitely find ink requires a little extra courage from me. I did spend a lot of time drawing all the lines with pencil first though. I like and dislike parts of the drawing, both of which motivate me to try ink again.

      How old did you think I was? My mom and sister think I drew my sister and myself as 70 year olds! I think we look a touch older than we are… but really… we both get nice, wrinkly faces when we smile big. I’ll fess up – I’m 37 and my sister is 34. I drew many self-portraits when I was in my early 20s. This is the first self-portrait I’ve drawn since then. I was a bit less keen to stare at my face for a long while ;-).

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          • Hi, Yes, it is. I made it for a “self-portrait” challenge for a photography group I’m in. I thought I’d use it as my Gravatar since mine needed updating. Although I do prefer the old one with the camera hiding my face! πŸ™‚

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              • Over on Flickr I think my icon is my logo name with film negative flowing through it. πŸ™‚ Which reminds me I need to do something serious with my logo!

                BTW- I wish I was able to find a mushroom like that one to photograph. I’ve seen very few in the wild in my lifetime.

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                • Neat logo idea :-).

                  I saw that mushroom (the lovely Amanita muscaria) many summers ago in the woods about one hour north of Montreal. I liked the way the light and shadows were falling across it. It happened to grow on the edge of the parking spot at my parent’s cabin. After that, I wandered through the woods looking for other mushrooms. I found quite a few varieties… so many shapes and colors. It was fun to photograph them. I haven’t searched for mushrooms since then.

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    • No way! But thanks for the super-positive comment :-)! It is encouraging – I feel like I have the potential to improve.

      And thanks for creating SelfieArt Day and inviting me to join. I liked the challenge of drawing something other than a bird. And I had some fun too.


    • Thanks Monica :-). I did have a tough time, but I’m glad I tried. There are some things I don’t like about the drawing, but I really like the way some of the lines turned out. Since I didn’t draw for years and was trepidatious about drawing anything earlier this year, I think did pretty good.


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