Draw a Bird Day January


The Bare-legged Owl is endemic to Cuba. I found this big-eyed, feathered creature in the June 2015 issue of BirdWatching. I wanted to draw a bird from a BIG photograph and I noticed my local library has a small stack of BirdWatching magazines. Perfect!

This is the most detailed bird drawing I’ve created so far. It took me a few hours over a few days. I enjoyed focusing on one feather group at a time – drawing out its overall shape, then examining the feathers and drawing their basic shapes and finally adding the lights and darks of each feather. The eyes and legs were also interesting to examine and bring to life in graphite. I was a little less patient with the branch… but I did convince myself to give it some attention.

The lovely and talented Kerfe and Nina at Method Two Madness are hosting Draw a Bird Day this month.


  1. Love this! From the beautiful eyes to the detail of the toes and even the lovely branch and of course, all the fine feathery attention to detail in between. Should be framed and admired daily. Thank you so much for sharing this beauty.

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  2. Very nice. I could find room for improvement. But, everyone else is so enthusiastic. So, I will just sit and smile, too. ๐Ÿ˜€ hehe As others say, plenty of detail which even I fail to include.

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  3. And she does it again! WOO!!! Pretty amazing stuff here, my friend. Holy goodness, you really do need to do something with your artistic talent. Can you imagine what would happen if you really focused on this???? You’d be flying around the room and taking all of us with you! Such piercing eyes and fine detail. Even the branch looks good! Roll on, Wild Crazy Owl Lady! โค

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    • Woo! Aw you’re sweet :-). Thanks Laura. I did finally buy some Polychromos color pencils!!! But I haven’t used them yet. But soon… Lately I’ve been choosing movies over drawing. Oh, I’m starting a weekly watercolor class this week! I think that will be motivating.

      Never thought of myself as a Crazy Owl Lady. But it sounds like a cool alternative to Crazy Cat Lady. I like it! I did meet a self-described crazy bird lady at the store the other day. She eats her meals with one cockatoo and two cockatiels. Reminded me of Julie Zickefoose.


    • Thank you! It was my first time looking closely at the details of eyes, feathers, talons and branches. I find it interesting that there are so many details I don’t notice unless I draw them. ๐Ÿ™‚

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