Bald eagles


Bald eagles have light beige borders on their dark brown wing feathers if you look closely. I’ve never taken a close enough photograph myself to capture those details but I did see a few wonderful photographs recently which show the scalloping. These two eagles were photographed by Tina Kirschner and appeared in a recent blog post by Sharon McInnes on They are one of the eagle pairs that nest on the coast of Gabriola Island, off the eastern coast of Vancouver Island.

I traced the black lines with my Superfine Pitt pen over a pencil drawing. Then I took a picture of the pen drawing and added a few colours with Photoshop. I noticed that the pen lines in my photograph don’t look smooth, they look quite pixelated. I’ll figure out how to photograph smooth pen lines some day… I’m slowly adding more realistic colours to the pen drawing with my Polychromos colour pencils. I’ll post that version when I finish it.

Stephanie Rickman posted some beautiful flying eagles on her blog In My Eyes in February too. Their wings look like another fun drawing project. Maybe…

Thanks to Kerfe and Nina at Method Two Madness for hosting this month’s Draw A Bird Day. And thanks to Laura at Create Art Everyday for starting the monthly event last April. Yes, this is the twelfth month!!! And thanks to M. R. Emberson at A-wing and A-way for posting about the yearly event. And thanks to everyone who drew birds today!!!


    • Thanks Laura :-). They are the biggest birds I’ve drawn so far. It was neat to notice the particular curve of their beak and to hang out with their feathers for a really long time. I’d also never quite noticed their eye colour before or the colour around their eyes. A good exercise in observation! I’m really glad you started this monthly event. Pretty cool that next month starts year 2! I like the surprise of the different birds that people draw and all the different styles.

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  1. Myriam, I really like this illustration, especially all the detail in the feathers. Those bald eagles make a picturesque couple! Also, thanks for the link to A-wing and A-way—and the reminder. Something for me to keep in mind—next month is the annual Draw a Bird Day.

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      • Thanks, Myriam! I really appreciate your kind words! I’m hoping to post something next week, but we’ll see. With warmer weather comes other responsibilities, taking away from blogging time. I’m eager to see what your next bird illustration will be.

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