Singing Song Sparrows


In the past two weeks, since Spring started springing, I’ve been enjoying the harmonies of American Robins and male Red-winged Blackbirds on some of my morning walks. Yesterday, I got treated to some new tunes. Song sparrows! So many of them! It was a beautiful sunny morning along the Bow River at Bowmont Park. The leaf buds of the many, many balsam poplars have opened up recently and the glossy new leaves were reflecting the sunlight with vim and vigor.

The song sparrows tended to stay on their perch for a few minutes, so when I heard their song, I often had some time to locate their whereabouts. Most birds didn’t find me too scary and let me photograph them for a while. I photographed this bird’s head in almost every possible position.



And two other singers…



Since the song sparrows didn’t seem to mind performing for me, I decided to try a little video. Not the best sound, and my hands were not perfectly steady, but the video does capture more of the magic of their song than just a still photograph. Plus you get to see the little birdy moving around a bit!

And in case you are super curious about those shiny new balsam poplar leaves, here is a black-capped chickadee hanging out briefly on a balsam poplar branch. This little birdy seemed very curious about me (likely wondering if I was carrying some seeds). It perched on my bike a couple of times and on various branches on the trees all around me.



  1. Such a wonderful encounter with the song sparrows and chickadee, Myriam. Your video captured the song sparrow’s beautiful melody so well. And those brand new poplar leaves are so bright with spring.

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  2. Great photos. It is almost like the bird was posing for you. I enjoyed his song on the video as well. Looks like it was a beautiful spring day and it appears you made the most of it!

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    • Thanks Carol :-)! Yes, sometimes it does seem like the birds are posing. I thought maybe the spring hormones were making them extra brave. Hope you are enjoying the spring and bird songs in your neck of the woods.

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      • The birds around here are enjoying the spring and I enjoy watching them. We have a screened-in porch and I spent most of this beautiful day watching the birds, squirrels, and bunnies while I was working on some art projects on the porch. Lots of courting going on in nature 😉

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        • Sounds like a wonderful afternoon :-). Thank you for sharing it. My husband, cat and I also like watching the birds and squirrels that frolic outside our apartment windows. I think the courting energy of the animals is one of the many things that make spring extra-special.

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  3. Since spring started Springing. Quel eclosion de Bonheur.

    Myriam Cherie ,tu m as comble de Bonheur.

    J aime j aime ta relation avec la nature ,tu es rayonnante .Tu as un don egalement pour rejouir les animaux ,j ai tjrs pense

    que tu devais avoir des provisions ds tes poches pr attirer la faune.

    Merci pr apporter tant de joie ds ma vie.

    Bonne journee et je suis tjrs ds l attente de tes nouvelles excursions.

    J ai egalement recommence a faire du velo.C est une bonne therapie pr mes jbes.

    Esperant que tu sois en bonne forme ainsi que J.

    Toute mon admiration et affection. ❤ 🙂

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    • Merci mami :-). Très heureuse que mes histoires d’oiseaux t’apporte de la joie. Ça me fait du bien au coeur les plantes, les animaux et les matins tièdes et ensoleillés. J’espère que le printemps est surtout plaisant dans ton coin du Canada. Bravo pour le vélo! ❤


  4. Song sparrow songs are some of my favorites! I’ve been known to stop walking, stand still, and enjoy them. 🙂

    We heard a migrant song this past week: Louisiana Waterthrush! Not quite as haunting a sound as the Wood Thrush but much more cheery.

    Loooove your awesome photos! They’re darling and I particularly enjoy photos of them with their mouths open. 😄

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  5. Great photos! I love the cheerful songs that greet us nowadays. We have a song sparrow in the front yard, along with a pair of cardinals and recently a chipping sparrow has been heard in the side yard. Breeding season is delightful!

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