Frank Lake – A Tern!!!


Frank Lake is a wetland 50 km southeast of Calgary which sustains a large variety of waterbirds. J and I went for the first time on July 2nd. I learned about the lake from the Birds Calgary blog, where, throughout the spring, a few birders posted awesome photos of birds I’d never seen before. Along with other new-to-us birds, J and I saw a few Forster’s Terns. The absence of black markings on the primaries and a medium orange bill (instead of red like the legs) indicate that the terns are Forster’s not Common. The terns put on a beautiful show flying over the lake, hovering in places and diving to catch small fish. Their wings and tail assumed spectacular shapes when the birds hovered.




Fuzzy photo, but proof that someone caught a fish!



    • Thanks for your lovely comment, Deborah :-). They are a treat to watch and it makes me smile that you’ve also watched them in California. I don’t have the skill to take crisp shots of flying birds, but the cloudy background that day helped a lot with the photo quality.

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      • You do have the skills to take crisp images!
        The clouds and soft blue of the sky with those striking black and white terns were just lovely, and you caught that with your skill, and you had the right gear to get it done.

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