Gwyndolyn’s nest: Part 2

Gwyndolyn’s eggs hatched on May 4th. I didn’t see them hatch, but I’ve read that goslings are born precocial, with open eyes and little bodies fully covered with down. Within 24 hours of hatching, goslings leave their nest and are able to walk, swim, dive and feed. The following photos were taken between 6:55 and 7:01 am.




All the little heads get a glimpse of the world!




All tucked under mamma again! I wandered away and returned 20 minutes later. Maybe some of the other goslings are on the other side of Gwyndolyn?


The goslings took more than 24 hours to leave their nest since their second day of existence was cold and rainy. When I checked in on them around 8:30 am on May 5th, Gwyndolyn was sitting on her nest with all her little ones tucked under her wings except for one curious little head. I saw George on the island for the first time since I noticed the nest on April 11th.



Isn’t George handsome? Gwyndolyn was looking sleepy until something caught her and George’s and curious little Gina’s attention. I don’t know what they saw (I was very focused on photographing them), so the next few photos are a mystery to me, but they amuse me.





I like the way the raindrops look on their feathers. I’m always amazed that Canada geese can stay out in the open in any weather.


On May 6th, the goslings left the nest to explore other parts of the pond world. Gosling adventures await in Part 3! For photos of Gwyndolyn sitting on her eggs, check out Part 1.


  1. How exciting to see them while still in the nest and so new! I’ve only seen them days old and out of the nest.

    I think they were posing for you giving you their best profile side. 🙂 Gwyndolyn’s even telling George…”don’t move yet Dear she’s not done taking our picture!” 🙂

    I’m looking forward to Part 3!

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  2. Mmsy Cherie,

    Merci pr relater tes expeditions avec tant de precisions.Felicitation c est captivant.

    Georges et Gwendolin m ont fait passer ma cephalee,plus efficace que le Demerol ou l aspirine.

    J aime la tendresse que tu degages en prenant soin de l environnement et les oiseaux semblent bien l apprecier.

    Je suis completement addict aux commentaires et a la joie que les ptits oiseaux ou animaux degagent a ta rencontre.

    Tres d accord avec Hannala :”great book about birds with your illustrations.Publish please please…

    J ai de bons souvenirs d Haiti quand a 2 ans tu etaient eblouie par “Mimosa et Petits cris.”C etait ton livre favori.”

    J e te vois encore…. appuyee au palmier et entre les herbes si longues tu entrevoyais les fourmies en famille.

    Bon p.m Je retourne au boulot pour me permettre de te recompenser.

    Je t aime et merci pr partager tes moments d allegresse.

    Jeanne ,,Bisousousxxxxx

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    • Chère Jeanne, merci pour tes gentils mots :-). Moi aussi les photos d’oiseaux calment mes maux de tête. Pas de livres avec dessins d’oiseaux dans mon futur proche, mais peut-être dans le futur lointain. J’espère que tu passe un peu de bon temps dehors ces jours ci. Bisousous!


  3. Quelles frimousses craquantes, c’est extra ! C’est toujours très émouvant d’assister à ce genre de spectacle je trouve, merci de nous faire partager ces moments de bonheur, la Nature est si belle !

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  4. Little fluff-balls are so lovely! 🙂 Gwyndolyn must be very proud mom to have such an adorable children.
    And what a great home island they have. If only they have some shelter there, then it would be perfect.
    Beautiful family. 🙂

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    • Thanks for your joyful comment, Hanna. I’m glad you enjoyed the little fluff-balls :-)! Even in the winter here, the Canada geese sleep in the open. In the spring, the little ones always hide under their mother’s wings when it is cold though, until they get bigger.

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