Juvenile American coot siblings preening on the northeast side of the “Children’s Hospital Pond”, on July 8th 2016.

I saw my first young American coots this year. Four pairs of coots raised a clutch at the “Children’s Hospital Pond”. It was soooo exciting!!!


    • Millions!!! Wow! I’ll try to post some baby ones soonish. The grey ones are teenagers. Still cuddly though <3.

      I read the first page of The Weight of the Universe on Kathy Temean’s blog. I liked the mood you set and was curious to find out what happens to your character next. I think you used words beautifully to create that sense of separation and the different ways it shows up in your story. Have you finished the story yet?

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      • Millions might be a slight exaggeration (though I’ve been to many ponds/water areas where they number in the thousands so over my lifetime, I might have seen a million…LOL!). I’ve not seen juvies either, so these will do (and I’ll count them as babies because, goodness, now that I’m in my 50s, I’m starting to see how teens are really just babies…some more mature than others, granted). 😉

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    • Oh, the wee chicks are sooooo cute when they flap their little wing stubs to beg for food! I hope you do get to see some… or other new wonderful creatures. I know you will definitely get around to the latter ;-). Thanks for your lovely comment, Jet! 🙂

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