Vulpes vulpes

Between my last school assignment and the day I needed to seriously start studying for final exams, I had a few moments of free time last month. I could have played with a bird drawing but I felt like it was time for drawing a red fox (I’d started contemplating this about a year ago).

My first red fox drawing was a whole fox sitting in the snow. Its facial proportions looked a bit odd though, somewhat reminiscent of a proboscis monkey (another excellent drawing idea! such a wonderful face!), so I decided to do another drawing of only the face and upper body. I used a grid to transfer the facial features from a photograph to silky-smooth pen and ink paper. The resulting face looked foxy but I had some trouble colouring the white chest fur. Feeling clueless, I went all scribbly-wonky with a grey marker.

Various white-fur experiments followed. They all looked like beard stubble or overgrown grass! And somehow one of my foxes turned into a sheep!? Still uncertain about how to marker-colour white fur, I started colouring version 2. Yes, the drawing is almost exactly the same! I used a sunlit window to trace the main lines of version 1.

I wish I had coloured the right ear with lighter colours, but I didn’t want to create a version 3 so I decided to think of the magnetic black as a worm hole into another galaxy.

One night, while I was colouring version 1, J mentioned that Belle and Sebastian have a song titled Fox in the Snow. The song has a sweet and delicate melody, like a gentle snowfall, and was a lovely accompaniment for colouring.


  1. I love its eyes, and shape of the face. You got that right, and I think the white fur is right. There are shadows, and bits of black and grey hair streaking their white fur in the images I’ve seen anyway.

    Exams over now? If not Best of Luck!

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  2. The honesty and sense of humor you approach drawing with are admirable! That’s a sweet fox – and I like the way you handled the background in the second version – a terrificly graphic look.

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    • Thanks for your kind words, Lynn :-). I find colouring kind of scary because I often don’t know how to approximate reality or alter it in a visually appealing and interesting way. So it helps me to think of it as a learning process, which is more fun and gives space for funniness. I found the background interesting because it was both very light and very dark. It was the background that made me notice the dark fox ear.

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  3. Super chouette, entre les deux versions, je ne sais laquelle je préfère… Elles sont différentes mais toutes les deux fort sympathiques ! Ton lien vers Fox in the Snow ne semble pas marcher en France, pb de droit d’auteur 😦 mais j’ai pu le retrouver sur le Net. Je ne connaissais pas, très sympa 😉 Merci Myriam

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    • C’est le fun déssiner les choses plus qu’une fois. On découvre des nouveaux looks. Je commence a dessiner un peu avec Illustrator. C’est plus rapide créer multiples versions d’un dessin numérique.

      Heureuse que les dessins et la chanson t’ont plu. Merci pour ton commentaire sympa. 🙂

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