Draw a bird day – hawk!

Happy Draw-A-Bird-Day! Last month, I had fun with a few pencil sketches of birds and other animals. Using a classic yellow HB pencil with pink eraser reduced my “expectation anxiety”. I did, however, use 4 different erasers to create this sketch. The pink one and the classic white Staedtler wrapped in blue and the essential kneaded eraser (because I can mold it into any shape and it doesn’t leave any dirty “eraser” worms behind!) and… I got a new eraser: one of those millimetre-thin “mono zero” erasers. Oh, and I drew on white paper; I added the slight beige tint and dark-ish background with Photoshop.

Many months ago, I came across a fantastic photo, by Phoo Chan, of a red-tailed hawk in flight and thought, hmmm, that would be fun to draw. More like scary and super challenging! So I changed my thought to, hmmm, it would be really interesting to just sketch the head and maybe a bit of the chest. I did enjoy noticing the details of the eye and beak and all those different feathers.


  1. Salut Myriam,

    Superbe ! Le rendu est top, l’œil si vif et décidé, c’est exactement ça ! La photo originale est également à tomber…woaw…
    Merci pour le partage 😉
    A bientôt

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  2. This is SO beautiful, Myriam! ❤ I really hope that you're thinking of putting your art in a gallery or exhibit somewhere…that and your equally gorgeous photos. Or selling prints through Zazzle or Society6 or some other similar site!

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