Furry Friday

The red squirrels looked particularly red today. Was it just because of the quality of the sunlight? Or did it have something to do with the season too?

They always look my way when I approach. And then they usually move.

Sometimes they disappear, and sometimes they yell at me and keep yelling until I walk away.

For some reason, this little fellow only yelled for a short while and found a quiet perching spot on the same branch, two body lengths away.

I continued to slide-walk along the trail of old-snow-turned-ice, peeking through tree branch openings, to get a closer profile view.


  1. Our yard squirrels bravely scold me from a tall tree limb as I walk passed one or two of them. I figure they are warning me that I have approached their territory. The squirrel population in our neighborhood has diminished somewhat so has their loud chattering which I miss hearing. Thanks for sharing your squirrel story.

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    • For such small and cute creatures, squirrels do give loud warnings. I tend to be half-scared and half-amused :-).

      I wonder why the squirrel population is lower near your home this year. I hope you find out. I’ve never noticed squirrel population fluctuations where I’ve lived. However, this is my first year being around red squirrels regularly and before that, I was around grey squirrels. I think red squirrel populations might be affected by conifer cone abundance, whereas grey squirrels would not be. I wonder if the lack of falling cones near your home this year is due to the 2 year reproductive cycle of fir trees. You had lots of falling cones in 2016, so maybe they will be falling again next year. I hope so.

      Thanks for enjoying my little story!


  2. I love squirrels!! πŸ™‚ I remember when I first saw one in the wild as a child, I was captivated. And last year I saw three squirrels playing in the tree (on the tree??). It was wonderful! πŸ™‚

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