Darting across the path

It was warmish and sunny in Edmonton this afternoon, so I walked home through Queen Elizabeth Park. While I was taking photos of some juncos rummaging through leaf litter and beaking off chunks of red osier berries, a snowshoe hare darted across the path. Three times in a minute! I missed the leftward bounds, but got a few snaps of the two sprints to the right.


    • That’s how wildlife rolls sometimes! Here and gone in an instant! I wish I’d had time to decrease my exposure settings but at least I had enough time to take ok photos. I think the black and white makes the blown out whites look a bit better than in the original colour photos. 🙂

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  1. Oh, nice! It’s great that you so quickly reacted. I know I would only stare and stare. It’s not simple to take photos of wild animals.
    One morning I saw three squirrels playing in the tree. Luckily my boyfriend made a video, because as I said, I only stared. : D

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  2. Maybe I’m dense, but I can’t find the comment section on posts that don’t already have them….just wanted to say I really liked the Downy woodpecker entry. It’s a sweet photo, and it’s nice to see him working on that hole, and interesting to think of them as woodland walkers. 🙂

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    • Hi Lynn :-). You’re not dense. I turned off my comments on my new blog posts because I often take a really, really long time getting around to answering comments. I’m thinking of turning them back on eventually, but I’m not quite ready yet. Happy to get comments elsewhere though!

      Thanks for letting me know you liked the Downy woodpecker :-). And I’m happy to read that you were interested in the little bit about its scientific name. At first, I thought forest walkers when I read “wood walkers” and I was quite perplexed. But then I thought of wood as a tree trunk and my world made sense again. The song “I’m walking on tree trunks, whoa oh…” (a.k.a. walking on sunshine) is currently on replay in my head.

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