A Yellow Warbler Nest: Part 1

June 23 2018, 10:38 AM. A trail through a ribbon of urban forest on the south of shore of the North Saskatchewan River, in the Edmonton River Valley.

I spotted some movement in the forest shrubs. A female Yellow Warbler. She was building a nest! She moved about in the nest for a while, then sat in it as if incubating eggs, testing its fit.



Then she hopped onto the lip of the nest and flew away.


I took a photo of the area, so I would remember the location of the nest.

The nest is in the middle of the photo, behind the shrubs, about two meters from the clearing, and was only visible if I stood in one particular spot. When I returned later, with shrub growth and branch movement, the nest was no longer visible from the clearing. Luckily, I found a new viewing tunnel through the leaves, on a trail to the right of the forested area.

A minute after leaving, the warbler returned with a piece of balsam poplar seed fluff in her beak. After trying a few different options, she wove the cottony fluff into her nest.





  1. That was a lucky spot – they’re stealthy when they want to be, right? The nest looks so pretty. I love the wonderful song that I always think of as, “Sweet, sweet, sweet, I am so sweet!” What a nice treat to see in winter.

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    • They do have a lovely song. I am so looking forward to hearing it again. The forests near my home are full of yellow warblers in the late spring and summer. They are very stealthy nesters and I spot very few nests compared to the number of fledglings I see. When I do spot a nest, it is because a bird is moving nearby, and that is pretty rare.

      Thanks for your lovely comment. 🙂

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    • Compared to the number of yellow warbler fledglings I see in the summer, I see very few nests. So I do feel quite lucky when I spot one. I also worry a bit when I do see one, that maybe it is not hidden well enough and will be predated upon. Luckily, the little ones from this nest did hatch and grow for a few days after that. I’m not sure if they fledged though. I hope so.


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