A Yellow Warbler Nest: Part 2

When I returned to the yellow warbler nest two days later, on June 25th, it was empty.


But the next day, Mrs. Yellow was sitting on her nest! I found a new “viewing tunnel” to take this photo, from an intersecting trail.


When I visited on June 28th, Mrs. Yellow was doing some more nest sitting. Photo 1 is from the June 23rd and 25th viewing angle; photo 2 is from the other viewing angle, like the June 26th photo.



And on the last day of June…


She looks cosy. And very, very patient.


  1. Hello Myriam. Thank you for discovering my blog…it made it possible for me to discover yours. I love what you’re doing! I have another birding friend from Canada who I think you would enjoy getting to know. She is a professional writer and has become a very good birder over several years. She’s also very funny. She’s in Toronto, but I thought you might enjoy checking out her blog: http://coyot.es/birdsandwords/ She always tells great stories usually with herself as the butt of a joke.

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    • Hi Nancy. Thanks for suggesting your friend Julia’s blog. She’s an excellent writer and funny and I can definitely relate to her birding adventures/misadventures! I love your cyanotype work; I hadn’t been aware of that printing method before. I also love how you work with plants… the shapes, colours… and the dreamy and organic way that they are printed into memory. πŸ™‚


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