Draw a Bird Day – a few more Inktober birds

I thought about posting these drawings last month but somehow the time never presented itself. So here they are now! Inktober and the cooler fall weather inspired me to draw more in October, about 3 to 5 days a week, and I kept up this frequency in November. Halfway through November, I started the Cornell Lab Bird Academy Nature Journaling and Field Sketching course. I’ve completed two lessons so far, and it has motivated me to pick up a brush and oh-so-intimidating watercolours! Perhaps I will share some watercolour bird sketches next month…

My first Inktober bird was a Green Heron baiting fish with a piece of bread for the day 3 prompt of “Bait”. I can’t remember how I learned that Green Herons do this, but I Googled it and found some interesting videos (recommended good times!).

The next Inktober drawing I shared in my previous post. Third ink bird was a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, an unprompted bird from a reference photo by Scott Keys. Bird sketch inspiration often comes from breakfast Instagram scrolling. So many awesome bird photographers on Instagram!

Inky bird 4 was for the Inktober prompt “Wild”. As a reference, I used a photo of a Downy Woodpecker I took in Edmonton in October 2017. The wing shape and pattern took some serious focus and time to figure out!

Bird 5 was unprompted and inspired by a photo by Mathieu Bally, another post-Instagram-scrolling must-draw.

And then I sketched an eagle portrait with blue ball point pen. Wayne Barnes photographs many Bald Eagles in Tofino and he has named the regulars. The eagle called Daredevil sometimes chases Wayne’s boat, allowing him to take some pretty cool photos and videos. In my reference photo for Daredevil’s portrait, Daredevil is flying towards Wayne. I love the differently sized pupils!


  1. Truly amazing drawings, Myriam!! The skill and talent you have continued to perfect is very impressive. And Wayne’s eagle photographs are a great model for you to follow. The detail in each drawing is delightful.

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