Pine Warblers!

Happy World Migratory Bird Day and a belated Happy Draw-a-Bird Day! Did you see any new migratory birds today? I went out for a couple of hours and saw 24 different bird species, two of which were new migrants – a Palm Warbler and a Clay-coloured Sparrow. I also got caught in two short but very cold and windy snow storms!

So far, spring migration has presented me with one lifer – a Pine Warbler in the small woodlot of a neighbourhood park. Our short photography session yielded mediocre to deletion-worthy photos, but it left me with lots of motivation to draw this species from the higher quality photos of other eBirders. I’ll be colouring my ink drawings with coloured pencils tomorrow. I scanned them uncoloured in case someone else wants to colour them too!


  1. Hola!

    Penduline tits and butter butts: bird names or my body???

    I’ll ask Marcel to print the black and white warblers next week when he goes to the office. Felix will have a blast colouring them all in big yellow strokes while I hover and go back and colour in the black feathers.

    You sound upbeat in your post. I hope Madeline’s health issues are manageable.


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    • Lol! Bird nicknames for post-pregnancy bodies! I hope the colouring page prints out ok. I didn’t test it! After colouring some of the birds yesterday, I thought that some people may prefer to colour larger versions. I had to sharpen my pencils to fine points and I almost grabbed my reading glasses. Smaller birds are much faster to colour though!

      Madeline’s energy is much better and she is no longer holding her urine for more than 48 hours. Yay Prednisolone! Such a relief! Pooping issues persist but we are hopeful.

      Hugs 🤗❤️


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